Zero Friction Polls

That discover the "why"

Fun micro polls that embed in your product, collect responses AND track respondent actions.

What LightCat Does

It correlates people's opinions with their actions. This gives you the insights that would have taken weeks to compile.

Identify The (Un)happy Customers Via Polls ..


... And Discover The Reasons via Analytics !!


Why use Lightcat?

When there are so many survey tools ...

Curated Library of Polls

You can be a complete noob and still research like a pro. No need to design surveys or even email them. Use our library and survey within product or website.

Most Fun to Respond to

Surveys CAN be fun ! LightCat’s micro-surveys are instant, pretty and anonymous. This leads to high completion rates, and higher engagement on websites.

Shows WHY users hold a particular opinion

Surveys are typically held in a vacuum OR tend to be too long. LightCat is the ONLY survey tool that tracks the respondents within your product or website. This adds crucial behaviour data to your survey responses.

Finds what KIND of users do X

Gaining insights from surveys is very hard. Fortunately, LightCat rocks at analytics. Find insights like - “people who are happy AND do not want to pay tend NOT to use the hot feature A (unlike paying users)”.

How It Works


#1: Publish a Poll

Create a poll or publish one from our library. It just takes seconds.


#2: Embed on your website or product

You are already driving some traffic. And users. Give them a voice, and get more from them in return.

# final: Know Your Customers

... and turn them to evangelists.