Growth Experiment Management System
We want to build products for growth teams that will help them focus solely on growth and worry less about process and workflows.
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Why Should You Use LightCat?

Growth Teams are formed to drive growth but the process of documenting and collaboration is cumbersome as there is no tool built with their workflow in mind. We intend to change that with LightCat which is a tool built specifically for Growth Teams.

Align Your Team and Processes

Existing tools are not built for Growth Teams that are primarily cross-functional. Ideas, collaboration, insights and learnings are scattered across tools and live in silos. Bring it all together to remove the redundancies in the process.

Take Data-backed Decisions

Subjectivity and gut-based decisions can only take you so far. Prioritize your experiments with a framework of your choice while LightCat helps you prioritize your hypotheses with LightCat Score and by showing similar past experiments, thereby eliminating the subjectivity.

Build Your Playbook

A central searchable repository of all the learning across funnels is a dream of every Growth Manager. Your playbook gets automatically built filling out all the requisite knowledge across Ideal Customer Profile, Power User, Product, Market, Channels.

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What Can LightCat Do?

Prioritise on what ideas to work on

Use well-known frameworks like ICE, PIE, etc but gradually remove the subjectivity from your decisions by relying on the precedence of your experiments and LightCat Score.

Quickly create idea backlog

Ideas come from everywhere - while reading a blog, listening to a podcast, or from a teammate. Add them all to your backlog.

Build a playbook

Systemize your learnings beyond just wins and losses. A searchable playbook with all your learnings across ICP, market, positioning, etc

Analyze the success or failure of an experiment

Objectively prove or disprove a hypothesis. Explore data together.

Collaborate efficiently to launch an experiment

Plan and assign tasks within the team to make sure that everyone is on the same page

Think through the design of the experiment

Put a structure to your thinking process and design an experiment. Success metrics, levers, etc. Tag ideas based on the stage of the funnel

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