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New tools require commitment. My team may not be ready.

We get it. Using a new tool can be scary. There are many things we do to make sure that your team can ease in.

First, we will onboard you ourselves. We will help you adapt LightCat to your workflow. Soon after, your team will be processing knowledge like never before.

Second, in its simplest form, LightCat is just a document - a clean and well designed one. You will not have to change your behaviour much.

What are the benefits of LightCat? Does it save us any money?

We want Lightcat to give you a long term advantage, not just a short -term value-tradeoff. But there are some pretty great short term benefits too.

Scribbles can be soon made public. This means that you can publish a Product Knowledgebase without paying $49 - $99 per month (Intercom)

If you were considering bringing in a Product Roadmapping tool, they typically cost $29 - $149 per user per month, and are typically are half (or less) as powerful as LightCat.

Finally, if you are a small team, you can simply switch over from JIRA ($7). Total savings per user per month can run from $50 to $250 depending upon the stage you are at.

Does LightCat save my team any time?

Your team spends over 80-200 minutes every week just doing product operations. This happens in 10+ batches of 8 to 20 minutes. If you could remove these distractions, you would free up unbroken attention spans for creative thinking.

LightCat organises your knowledge, and helps you take Product Decisions scientifically. This helps in optimising the creative thinking time by helping you get to the core ideas.

Not only do we save the 200 minutes, we try to make the rest of the time more valuable.

Why the invite? If LightCat is live, let me just use it.

The concepts of knowledge management, creative thinking and scientific decision making are complex. And in the practical pressures of daily life, easily forgotten.

LightCat is recruiting early customers who are aready trying to overcome these barriers. When we onboard a team that isn't ready, we are unable to truly help them. We believe that soon, everyone will be able to benefit from LightCat. But we are not there yet.

Do you integrate with other tools like Google Docs, Asana, Trello etc?

At the moment, no. But we have plans to start soon. If there is an integration that's critical for you to switch over, we will prioritise it.

However, building out a fresh Knowledge base, and planning new sprints are very easy to do in Lightcat. You can get started quickly, and while you are still getting the hang of it, we will try to make your integration live.

What if you shut down your product?

Well, we are not a VC funded, "designed to sell" startup. We are trying to solve a real problem, with real people and want to honor the commitments we make.

However, in the off chance that we cannot serve you, you will have ample time to export your data. In fact, one of the features we are working on is *regular* backup of your data in tools of your choice - Google Docs, Trello, S3 - whatever works.

Any special pricing for Students, Indie Hackers, pre-revenue Startups?

We do not have an overarching policy. Just shoot us an email at and explain your situation. We will try our best to accomodate you. We have, in recent past, removed the limitations for many users. From startups in South East Asia to students in Afganistan.

How can we get in touch with you guys?

Just click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner. We are usually live, and willing to engage with you. If you like email, you can contact us on

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